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Here are some great study hacks that have helped us be diligent in our studies. We all have different study styles and learn differently. I hope one of these catches your brain waves and helps you remember when it counts.

1- Create a Study Playlist

  • This can be with or without words, but songs that won't distract you.

  • Music can help you concentrate and using the same playlist will help make it a habit to focus when it is playing.

2- Rewrite Your Notes

  • Taking the time to rewrite your notes by hand can help you remember what they say.

  • Use different pens and highlighters to make it interesting.

3- Sleep

  • This might seem strange, but sleep is essential for the brain to function well. Don’t put off studying till the wee hours of the morning if you can avoid it by finishing in class or saying no to some extra activities throughout the day.

4- Study after Exercise

  • Get your blood flowing to the brain before you sit and study. Take a walk, go for a run, whatever it takes to help get ya going.

5- Keep the Light On

  • The darker your space is, the more tired you will feel. Cozy study rooms are nice, but don’t do much to help you stay awake. Open the shades in the daytime, or study with the lamp on in your room.

6- Screen Time

  • We live in a techie age. Social media is great at distracting us from our studies. Screen time is a program on apple products and tracks your hours a day. Head over to settings to be diligent with your time each day.

7- Chewing Gum

  • Pop in a piece of gum when studying for a test and use the same flavor while taking the test. This can help jog your memory just by chewing the same flavor.

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