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One Minute to Connect With Jesus

Hi, my name is Taylor. I hate reading. I know that is a scary statement coming from a

young woman pursuing the Lord, but allow me to explain. I was not very good at reading

aloud as a child. This led me to be very self-conscious about it, which evolved into a

lack of interest in reading as a whole. Nothing was more frightening to me than being

called on in class to read aloud.

When I became a follower of Jesus in high school, the concept of reading a big book

filled with words I did not understand and names I can’t pronounce to this day was not

very appealing.

A year into my relationship with Christ, I realized how important reading His word was.

I started to see how hectic my life would get when I neglected to spend time with

Scripture for a fews weeks, or even a few days. This realization brought new internal

struggles into my life. I was unsure of how much time I needed to spend in His word and

if I was expected to know everything in the Bible in order to share the Good News with


I believed that the amount of time I spent in His word would bring me favor in Jesus’ eyes. I would jam as much reading as I could in a sitting before I had to leave the house or go to sleep. This vicious cycle lasted for a long time. But, one day I realized that this cycle wasn’t bringing me closer to the Lord. I was in a nonstop competition with myself, and it led me right back to the feelings of incompleteness I had before I knew Christ.

Conviction set in for me at this point. I realized I was so absorbed in reading His word

that I was missing the point of why it is so important. I was reading with selfish intent to

prove that I was well-versed in scripture, but I was not finding out who my Father is.

I decided to fix the problems I had with reading scripture by implementing new

routines. I asked fellow believers in my life to hold me accountable in reading the word

meaningfully. They would ask questions about what I read each day and what I thought

of each passage. I also made sure to read with a friend and we would meet up or text to

hold each other accountable.

I challenge anyone who is struggling with scripture to pick up your Bible now. Flip it

open to a book you’re reading or a favorite verse and read it for one full minute. Focus

on the words you’re reading and absorb them like a sponge. Once that minute is over,

ask yourself how what you read applies to your life. Reflect on the verse as you go

about your day.

A minute in God’s word will not solve all of your problems, but it is intentional time with Him. Do not be discouraged if things do not seem to improve immediately. Be strong and commit yourself to that minute every day. That minute of intentional reading will lead into an appreciation for scripture, and the minute can turn into 5 minutes, which can turn into an hour or even more. Intentional time with the Lord will always bear fruit.

The quickest way for us to know God and His Son is to read His Word. Whether it is a

minute, an hour or a day, remember why you are reading; to grow closer to God.

John 1:1 NIV- “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

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