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Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Here are some hair tips that I have learned over the years. A lot of them are simple and well-known, but a reminder doesn't hurt!

Tip #1

Only shampoo the roots of your hair to avoid drying out your ends.

Tip #2

Likewise, only condition the ends of your hair to avoid getting greasy fast.

Tip #3

Keep the conditioner in for a couple minutes before rinsing it out to let it sink in.

Tip #4

Don't rinse out the conditioner with hot water. It will strip your hair and make it dry.

Tip #5

When doing a ponytail or bun, flip your head upside down to get some extra volume that lasts.

Tip #6

If you have bangs, blow dry and straighten/curl them right out of the shower to avoid looking like an 80's model.

Tip #7

If you have a dry scalp rub coconut oil in and leave it for an hour before rinsing it out.

Tip #8

Try sleeping in a bun to keep curls and volume for a good second day hair look.


Apply dry shampoo from roots to ends and sleep on it for volume the next day.


Avoid heat as much as possible and if you use heat make sure to use a protectant to keep your hair from getting damaged.

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