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5 Hairstyles for "Finter"

It’s "finter." The time in between fall and winter when it’ll snow on

e day then rain the next. It’s the time when you never know whether to wear your bulky winter coat or just a jacket. You see the sun shining outside and decide to get some fresh air, but come right back in because the cold air bites at your nose. You wear fall clothes, but cover your cute outfits with layers of sweatshirts, scarves, and mittens. And worst of all, you never know how to wear your hair!

Ok, that last one is true for all year long. But finter especially! You don’t want hair around your neck under your coat, it’s too hot and itchy. But you don’t want to wear your hair up because you can’t get your hat on! What to do, what to do.

No worries! In this blog, I’ll share my 10 favorite hairstyles for finter and save your bad hair day!

1. The granola double-braids with a hat.

Part your hair down the middle starting from your forehead and going all the way down to the top of your neck. Braid both parts right behind your ears and tie off with a ponytail! Then top it off with a beanie or ball camp, and you’re good to go. Everyone wants to be granola at the moment, so not only will you be comfy and warm – you’ll be stylin’!

2. The low purposefully-messy bun and hat.

Gather all your hair to the nape of your neck and put it in a ponytail. Wrap your ponytail around itself to roll it into a bun, and put another elastic around that. Then pull it out, push it in, pin it, and rewrap it until it’s the desired “I just woke up” look. Pull some pieces out in front to frame your face, then place your ever-present beanie/ball cap on top! This is really “in” right now, so go with whatever it turns out as, and you’re lookin’ good!

3. French braid.

Section the top half of your hair and split it in three strands. Begin braiding the strands, picking up hair as you go. Keep braiding until you’ve reached the end of your hair, then tie it off. Bring strands down in front to frame your face, and you’re ready to go! This keeps the hair off your neck for the most part while still giving your hair around your face a flattering shape.

4. Braid to high ponytail with a headband.

Start a French braid again, this time starting at your forehead. Keep it small, and just go to the place on your head where you want a high ponytail. Pull up the rest of your hair, then wrap a ponytail around. Then put on a headband of your choosing, pull some pieces out if desired, and rock it! The headband will keep your ears warm, and your hair is off your neck – a win-win.

5. Half-up.

This is a go-to for me. It’s really simple, and you can dress it up or dress it down however you choose! Just section off a top section of hair, however much you want, then tie it off at the back of your head with a ponytail. You can put it in a bun, keep it in a ponytail, braid it, braid it then put in a bun, do whatever! You’ve got hair around your ears to keep you warm while keeping the hair around your neck thin and easily-manageable.

I’d love to hear your recommendations for finter hair and try it out! Comment below or DM me on Instagram or Facebook and let me know. If you try any of these styles, take a picture, post it on Instagram or Facebook, and tag us in it so we can see your creativity!

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